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5 Actresses You Won’t Believe Used To Be Porn Stars

While porn movies are of course synonymous with poor parody storylines, endless awful euphemisms, and scenes of hardcore sexual acts – or so I’m told – the stars ‘acting’ in them are even less believable when saying their lines or acting out the initial storyline. However, a number of porn stars have now moved into mainstream TV shows and movies successfully.

It would appear working in the adult entertainment industry may well have given a selection of women the acting skills to make a career in the mainstream film industry. The amount of adult movies these film stars rack up in their careers would suggest their acting skills would surely have been greatly enhanced, and their confidence levels in front of a camera are rather obvious considering the acts they’ve performed – again, I’m purely speculating.

Many people will have been scratching their heads and saying to themselves ‘I’m sure I’ve seen her before’ when spotting a adult film star-turned-mainstream actress in a TV show or movie, and with a growing number making the switch, the trend looks set to continue.
So without further adieu, find out who the women in question are while I just fix my trousers…

5. Sibel Kekilli
Yes, ‘Shea’ from Game of Thrones as many might recognise, Sibel Kekilli was a German porn star before turning mainstream. Her name as an adult film actress was ‘Dilara’, and I’m led to believe such footage of her in her previous profession may still be lingering for the public to find…..
Moving swiftly on, Sibel has now successfully made the transition and has appeared in a number of projects since quitting adult entertainment. While best known for Game of Thrones, she’s also featured in 10 other roles, mostly German films. Her good performances in the movies has led her to win awards for Best Actress in four of them.
It would certainly seem she’s making the best of a new lease on life, and her past career is being put firmly behind her. She was outed as an ex-porn star back in 2004, and her parents back then broke off all contact with her. But it’s barely spoken about now, and as a result not many people realise Shea’s portrayer had a sordid past unbeknownst to the majority – until this article came out.
While commended for her success in acting, it serves to prove to other aspiring actresses that adult entertainment stars can make the transition successfully, as Kekilli is now somewhat of a beacon for others to follow in her shoes.

4. Sasha Grey
Avid followers of Entourage won’t be so surprised to see this particular lady having been an ex-porn star, but for the people who have only seen her in such works as The Girlfriend Experience and I Melt With You, this will be a nice surprise. Sascha Grey, real name Marina Ann Hantzis, spent five years in adult entertainment before retiring in 2011. The woman synonymous for having dead eyes and no gag reflex is now forging a career in keeping her clothes on – sad face.
Having already been in 11 mainstream movies, minor parts and a lead role, Sasha has become a minor success in making the transition. While her acting skills may have been called into question regarding her previous profession, not that I’d noticed to be honest, now she’s starting to convince the masses she can become a serious actress.
With two more movies to come out within the next 12 months, Sasha has reiterated her focus on putting the past behind her. She’s appeared in music videos for Eminem, The Roots, and Smashing Pumpkins.

3. Sunny Leone
Karenjit Kaur Vohra, but we’ll call her Sunny for short, is now enjoying minor success as a mainstream actress. Many will recognise her after featuring in mainstream films such as The Girl Next Door, Pirate’s Blood, and The Virginity Hut. But Sunny is now working in Hindi movies – all of which are to be released in the next 12 months.
With films such as Shut Up And F*** Me in her porn repertoire, Sunny will certainly been keen to end the type-casting as she is very keen to be taken seriously in the mainstream film industry. Having won a cluster of awards from the world of porn during her stint in adult entertainment, Sunny now wants to make a similar impact with her upcoming films to be released.
She’s also featured in TV sitcoms since making the transition, but having been cast to play a stripper in Co-Ed Confidential, which sounds like a porn title to me, may be a little too close to home. While it’s nice to watch an actress hot and sweaty bouncing up and down while having unspeakable things done to her, I begrudgingly wish Sunny Leone all the best in the mainstream industry.

2. Traci Lords
The story of Traci Lords is quite fascinating. After having appeared in a number of adult films, some of which were performed when she was underage, she has later gone on to transform herself into a very successful mainstream actress. Studying method acting when she was 18, the work has paid dividends as Lords has appeared in 12 films in the last 10 years, which include I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Zack & Miri Make a Porno, and Devil May Call – not to mention the dozens of other productions from 1988, most notably Blade.
While also racking up 27 television appearances, the majority of which are sitcoms such as Gilmore Girls, Roseanne, Will and Grace, and MacGuyver, Traci Lords is now a name perhaps more ubiquitous with mainstream films than pornography – well, before you’ve read this of course. Lords has also been used as a voice in a number of video games, while also enjoying minor success in the music industry – a woman with many talents.
As a result of the work she did underage, porn movies now have the ‘minimum age 18′ disclaimer synonymous with licensed films. She’s also refused to appear nude in her modern mainstream movies – which further highlights her desire to erase her porn-riddled past.

1. Shu Qi
While her name may not be as well known as the aforementioned, Qi featured in a very big movie with a certain Jason Statham – yes, in The Transporter. The Taiwanese actress has made a number of mainstream movies since ending her career in pornography – The Transporter and The Eye 2 being the most notable of her work. While the majority has been Asian films, she’s nevertheless successfully made the transition from porn star to mainstream actress.
Qi has even won multiple awards for the movies she’s been in post-porn. She’s been nominated best actress on eight occasions – winning once. Now more synonymous with mainstream work for to the majority now, such flicks like Viva Erotica, Sex & Zen II, while appearing in the Chinese version of Playboy are all now in the past.
Her former co-star from The Transporter, Jason Statham, may be intrigued to check out her previous work had he known about Qi’s past. If he’s reading this, and it’s safe to say he is, the two aforementioned films should be available somewhere. I can’t imagine money being an issue with the Hollywood star, so ordering a copy won’t break the bank. Preferably, could you buy two as well please?